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She’s not black but she’s a dark skin Indian woman who wants to inspire other dark skin girls/women.

Lydia Marsha is a Kuala Lumpur-based model who is of Indian ancestry. She says, “I always wanted to inspire dark-skinned women out there to show them how gorgeous they actually are. I had a passion for modeling since I was young. It has always been something I want to do. I’m hoping that meeting and working with new people in this industry will help me expand my dreams and help me extend my arms to my ladies of colour. I want to inspire and be inspired. I believe that this is what I am born to do, to model, as it completes me. I aspire to be the next best thing, to walk the runways of Paris and to be a professional Indian dark-skinned model. I don’t just want to be a model, I want to be a role model.”

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league of legends is a good game the servers are very stable

the playerbase is impeccable and the game is nicely balanced

The champion designs are all incredibly unique, especially the females faces and body-types!

Great lore-oriented skins and accessible too!

Never in my life have I found a more soothing and relaxing game to play after a long day of work